Planting Poinsettias for the Future

The beautiful oceans of red and white have graced the greenhouses of Down Home Ranch for many years, but many of our friends have no idea of how this annual endeavor came to be. Let’s dive in… Horticulture was on the forefront of our founders’ minds from the beginning. Thanks to a gracious donor, the…

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leader village council

See Me as a Leader – Alaina

Name: AlainaAge: 30Rancher Since: December 2010Favorite Hobby: Going to the movies with friends.“I enjoy serving as Mayor so that I can be the voice of the people.” Alaina served as Mayor for the DHR Village Council from January 2018 to January 2019. Village Council is a weekly opportunity for Ranchers to work together to identify…

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beekeeper see me

See Me as a Beekeeper – Ryan

Name: RyanAge: 30Rancher Since: July 2018Favorite Hobby: Exploring the Outdoors.Ryan was introduced to beekeeping at the 2016 Iowa State Fair. After hearing the beekeeper speak about the magnificent creatures that bees are, Ryan became convinced that beekeeping was his calling! As soon as he returned home to Texas, Ryan and his father began building seven…

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athlete special olympics sotx

See Me as an Athlete – Kevin

Name: KevinAge: 42Rancher Since: November 2018Favorite Hobby: Wrestling Video Games Being a Special Olympics Athlete is a source of pride for millions of individuals all over the world. For Kevin, he considers it a lifestyle. Growing up, Kevin showed a desire to play sports at a young age. At just seven years old, he officially became a Special…

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