Fish On

At Down Home Ranch fishing should be called “GOIN’ CATCHING”.

The bass and little school of blue gills aren’t very good at ignoring any piece of bait that is dunked in the water. The number of fish that have been caught, kissed, petted and returned to the water is untold.  

Yes, I said kissed.  

It’s one of the many traditions that started at Ranch Camp and has lived on for 30 years. Most of the time campers choose to blow their fish a kiss or give a shy pet along the fish’s slimy scales. Lore tells us that with every kiss or pet brings good luck.  

Harkins Structure Ranch

Back in 1995 when Ranch Camp first started, everyone loaded up in a few vans and headed up north on FM 619 to Harkins Structure Ranch. The land has a pond nestled in the low area where two rolling hills meet. In early March the whole area is covered with a blanket of bluebonnets waving over the property. There are still tall tales being told about a 10-pound bass that was caught in Harkins’ Pond.  

Since the early 2000’s the Ranch has had its own fishing pond. Over the years there have been a few additions to make the area more useful including a dock house, accessible deck and accessible kayak boat launch.  

“The Fishing Pond” at DHR

There is no shortage of excitement when it is time to fish. Sometimes you’ll hear the excited shrills across the Ranch or the yell of “fish on.”  

With every single cast there is a common moment being shared between everyone around the water. Friendships are built on common interest and shared experiences of dropping a line and yanking out a catch. I’ve heard more than once “Down Home Ranch fish know how to be caught!” 

It's easy to say that everyone leaves the pond with a little more luck and a lot more friends.  

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