see me as an artist

See Me as an Artist – Jim

Name: JimAge: 67Rancher Since: January 2012Favorite Hobby: Listening to music with friends Growing up, Jim was captivated by the idea of creating art. At a young age, he found companionship in a family friend who taught him the basics of drawing and painting. Once he started to develop these skills, his creative nature began to…

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see me as a chef

See Me as a Chef – Jason

Name: JasonAge: 34Rancher Since: August 2011Favorite Hobby: Hanging out with friends If you are ever looking for Jason, you will likely find him in the Down Home Ranch kitchen. Jason has been working in this department since October 2016. He spends his weekdays proudly preparing and serving meals for over 50 Ranchers and staff! His…

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foodie see me

See Me as a Foodie – Alex

Name: AlexAge: 30Rancher Since: June 2016Favorite Hobby: Basketball In the words of her mother, food is Alex’s love language. Sharing the experience of preparing, serving and eating food is her way of connecting with others. Growing up in a big Italian family, many of her most treasured memories were made in the kitchen or around…

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see me as a historian

See Me as a Historian – Clyde

Aimed at sharing the true identities and talents of the Ranchers at DHR, the SEE ME campaign showcases the unique stories of those we serve and gives readers an inside look into their life at Down Home Ranch. Follow along as we tell you the story of  Clyde… Name: ClydeAge: 43Rancher Since: August 2011Favorite Hobby:…

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