Enterprises Continue at DHR

As part of our income model, we sell the products we raise at DHR. This Enterprise program includes fresh chicken eggs and frozen cuts of naturally-raised Wagyu-Angus beef. We also have 11 commercial sized greenhouses that are filled with spring hanging baskets and various flowering plants right now.  Because we are a food manufacturer and…

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We are in this TOGETHER!

Dear Friends, I hope all is well with you and your families. At Down Home Ranch, we are taking it one day at a time. Our organization has always been unique in that we operate under a few different residential programs, each having their own distinctive regulations. On a normal day, it is challenging to…

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See Me as an Artist – Matthew

Name: MatthewAge: 26Rancher Since: August 2018Favorite Hobby: Playing video games Matthew’s love for art began as a child, but it wasn’t until his first Junior High art class that his natural talent started to shine through. When Matthew’s teacher began sending home some of his artwork, his mother became so impressed that she immediately enrolled…

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See Me as a Friend – David

Name: David Age: 46 Rancher Since: May 2012 Favorite Hobby: Watching movies from his humongous movie collection! No one is a stranger to David. He is always happy to greet you and give you a kiss on your hand or a pat on your head. He has even been known to give quite a good…

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