Throughout the years volunteers have truly helped create the Ranch you see today. From barn raising to our annual poinsettia planting, volunteers have partnered with us every step of the way.

As you might imagine, there are many ways to serve at Down Home Ranch! Ranging from a few hours a month to a few hours in just one day, we offer service opportunities for just you or a group you're a member of.

Whatever your area of expertise, your schedule, or the size of your group from 2 to 200, there's a place for you on the Ranch.

Four Ways to Serve:

  • Large Group Volunteer Opportunities – Ranch staff will work to pair the interests and skills of a group with our current needs. These projects may include painting, organizing, deep cleaning, construction, groundskeeping, and a variety of other opportunities.
  • Day Volunteer Opportunities – Opportunities for individuals or small groups to perform service based on our daily Ranch needs.
  • Long Term Volunteer – An individual who volunteers on an ongoing basis.
  • Internships – We welcome students from a variety of disciplines to learn and practice here on the Ranch.

Volunteer Qualifications

We believe everyone can contribute and add value to our community. We want to learn about your interests so we can match you with a meaningful volunteer experience. Each individual's time and talents can be used to further the mission of Down Home Ranch.

Training may be required depending upon the volunteer position available.

What Is My Next Step?

  • If any of these opportunities excite you, we'd love to learn more about you.
  • Browse through our website and become familiar with Down Home Ranch.
  • If you are interesting in volunteering long-term. Complete our Long-Term Volunteer Application.
    • Our volunteer coordinator will get in touch with you to discuss interest areas, availability and our current openings for volunteers.
  • Shadow a veteran volunteer or staff member.
  • Complete any additional training required for your volunteer placement.
  • Approval! You'll be connected with your volunteer supervisor on the Ranch.
  • Lastly the volunteer coordinator will have periodic check-ins with you and your supervisor to make sure things are going well.

Need to Sign the Volunteer Waiver?

For volunteers who already signed up for a Day Volunteer opportunity. You will be asked to completed an Agritorism Release no later than the morning of your volunteering.


“Some people say, ‘you have done so much out here at Down Home Ranch,' but of course we didn't. Jerry and I had a vision and other people built it.”

Judy Horton, Co-Founder of DHR