Session #1

June 6th – 11th

Session #2

June 13th – 18th

Session #3

June 20th – 25th

Check-in starts Sunday at 5:00pm

Closing ceremony is Friday at 11:00am

Ranch Camp has been making summer memorable for more than 20 years! There have been Campers from all over the United States and internationally that have called the Ranch home for a week of summer camp.

Download the Ranch Camp 2021 Application

Be a Camper

Cost of Camp


  • This is how much Ranch Camp costs per Camper

What You Pay


  • Thanks to supporters of the Ranch, we are able to offer all the fun at a reduced cost

Are there Camperships?

  • Camperships are granted on a case-by-case basis
  • Request more information if financial support is needed – email [email protected]

Give the Gift of Camp

Submit your application and fee before Jan 19th to receive a Count Down to Camp calendar, and the option to select from an assortment of Ranch made pop up cards – to mark a special occasion.

Ranch Camp countdown to camp calendar

Pricing Window

The application and fee must be received or postmarked by the dates below:

  • (Early bird) Sept 1 – Nov 30: $810
  • (Advanced) Dec 1 – Jan 18: $855
  • (Regular) After Jan 19: $900
  • (First time Camper) Sept 1 – Jun: $810

Paying for Camp

Payment is accepted by check and money order, or through our website by credit card.

Options for payment

  • 100% at time of application
  • $50.00 application fee then 50% 2nd Friday in February and 50% 2nd Friday in March
  • $50.00 application fee then 50% 2nd Friday in April and 50% 2nd Friday in May

Down Home Ranch is not accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). Medicaid waivers for respite will not cover camp.


Ranch Camp began in 1995 with two sessions: one for adults and one for teenagers.

Seeing as the Ranch was just in the beginning stages, we borrowed tents and cots from the Texas National Guard, rented a few port-a-potties, got together a trusting bunch of friends and their teenaged kids, and opened for business!

We went to Taylor,TX to swim, we fed the baby calves with bottles, fished at Harken’s pond, hunted for eggs, did drama and sing-a-longs around the campfire, and rounded up the donkeys when they got out of their pen.

That summer we served 23 campers in all, and agreed we’d never worked so hard, slept so little, or had so much fun.

The Campers agreed, and every year Ranch Camp grew, serving several hundred Campers through the years, living in comfortable, air-conditioned bunks and swimming in our own 52’ pool.


There will be lots of games, singing and dancing starting June 6th and continuing on through the three sessions of camp. For the 2021 season, we are offering 40 spots per week-long session. We offer so many opportunities to learn new skills and make new friends. 

What fun we have! Every year we add more opportunities to the list. We take care of animals and learn how to fish. We swim, run races, toast marshmallows, paddle boats, go for hikes, put on plays, and sing camp songs. It’s everything summer camp should be – and so much more.

  • Campers are 18+ years old and have a range of cognitive disabilities.
  • Ranch Camp is for Campers who enjoy group activities and the hustle and bustle of camp life.


Stay Informed About Ranch Camp

Complete the Ranch Camp interest form to express interest in camp for yourself or a loved one. 

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