Still Waters Run Deep

“At first, he didn’t say much,” said Dave about Woodworking student, Rancher Brian. Dave Jordan is a Rancher Dad who shares his time and carpentry talents with the Ranchers by teaching a weekly woodshop class. Over time, Dave has witnessed an impressive transformation in Brian, stating, “He’s opening up more and thinking ahead.”

It all started with a small wood-burning kit. Brian would spend hours at a time in the DHR Enterprise room, burning freehand designs into pieces of scrap wood he found in the woodshop. Brian kept to himself, always quiet and focused on his solo creations. When the opportunity was presented, Brian didn’t hesitate to sign up for Dave’s class. Brian now prioritizes the projects of woodshop class over his isolated independent designs. “I know when class starts, he will be here,” expresses Dave. In fact, most weeks, Brian arrives at least an hour early in anticipation of his favorite class. Brian has completed every project Dave has presented to the class from less complicated creations such as key holders and seasonal décor, to more intricate woodworks including clocks and cedar picnic tables. Brian’s favorite projects are picnic tables. “I like it because it’s a big project and I like doing big projects.”

Dave and Brian have worked together on special projects outside of class. They spent hours reworking a unique shaped piece of wood into an abstract electric guitar. It was a true piece of art, a creative masterpiece! Dave and Brian have also devoted multiple days to perfecting a very meaningful project for the Ranch. Together, they created a beautiful dedication plaque for the new fitness facility in memory of late Rancher, David Hayward. Dave and Brian are currently working on a top-secret project, which will be featured at DHR’s annual Gala on September 10th!

“Brian is the best listener. He has an eye for quality and can see issues before they happen. His knowledge of how these projects go together comes quickly.” Dave feels honored to witness Brian’s progress from one week to the next. Recently, Brian was taught the proper sequence of how to attach fasteners. The following week, he showed up and completed this task independently. Dave continues to be impressed, stating, “If I had to sum up Brian, it would be still waters run deep.”

Brian found his voice in the woodshop. He no longer shies away from conversation and will excitedly share his visions for future woodworking projects, each idea bigger and more challenging than the last. “It makes me happy” Brian states. “Let’s see what I come up with next” the once soft-spoken Brian proudly states with an joyful grin!

“Still Waters Run Deep” – A proverb meaning a quiet or placid manner may conceal a more passionate nature.