Current Openings

Criteria for Residency

  • At least age 18 and finished with high school
  • Desire to live on a genuine working Texas ranch
  • Primary diagnosis of developmental delay or cognitive challenge, including autism spectrum, Down Syndrome, traumatic brain injury, PDD and Williams Syndrome
  • Independent in activities of daily living
  • Able to ambulate and transfer independently
  • Does not pose a danger to themselves or others
  • Able to benefit from the social, educational, residential and vocational programs offered by Down Home Ranch
  • Free of aggressive or threatening behaviors; no serious psychiatric or mental health conditions
  • Wish to live in close proximity to friends and co-workers on the Ranch

Rancher Should desire

  • To be able to benefit from life in the Down Home Ranch community
  • To be able and willing to contribute to the community in the setting currently available.

Residency is open to applicants meeting the above criteria regardless of socioeconomic level, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or national origin.



When a vacancy occurs, the interest list is consulted to find potential matches for the living situation and residential option available. Ranchers living in a home play an important role in selecting the new community member.

Those interested in residency should complete the interest form, consider joining our email list, visit our website often and check out Facebook for news and upcoming events. The Residency Interest List Forms will be reviewed by a member of our staff and families will be contacted if their applicant appears to be a good match

click to complete a residency INTEREST form 

If you would rather complete the residency interest process offline, please download the Residency Interest List Form, fill it out and email it to [email protected].

Residency Options at Down Home Ranch

The village is made up of Ranch housing with 18 different buildings. Each of the following except the HCS group home option is on the Ranch. Case Management and Medical Case Management are included with each residential option. The level of involvement of the case manager and nurse is based on the identified needs of the Rancher being served.

Intermediate Care Facility Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (ICF/IDD) Group Home

ICF/IDD is a program paid through Medicaid, and there is no waiting list. Potential residents must simply be out of high school, need support with daily living tasks, have a determination of an intellectual disability before the age of 18 or a developmental disability before the age of 22. Read more about ICF/IDD

Home and Community Based Services (HCS) Group Home

HCS is a waiver program paid through Medicaid for which there exists a 10-15 year waiting list. Ranchers live in the city limits of Elgin and are transported to the Ranch daily for programs. Read more about HCS.

Private Pay (PP) Group Home

PP is a program that provides many of the same supports as an ICF/IDD or HCS group home, but is for Ranchers who pay privately for services. Read more about PP

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

SIL is a program that is open to Ranchers who are private pay or HCS. Ranchers live independently on the Ranch with support only when needed. Read more about SIL.

PAYING FOR Residency


  • Private Pay
  • Home and Community Based Services Waiver (HCS)
  • Intermediate Care Facility Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (ICF/IDD)


  • Private Pay is $3600 a month
    • Room and board and Day Program are included
    • Any additional fee is paid by the Rancher
    • Ranch sponsored events and transportation
  • HCS is covered by Medicaid
    • Room and Board is paid separately and is typically covered by Social Security Income
    • Individuals are responsible for paying Medical copays
    • Day Program, and other services are paid through HCS
    • Ranch sponsored events and transportation
  • ICF/IDD is covered by Medicaid
    • Room and Board is paid separately and is typically covered by Social Security Income
    • Day Program, all medical necessary copays and aids are covered at no additional charge
    • Any elective medical aid is not covered
    • Ranch sponsored events and transportation


  • Some activities may have an additional fee for entry