Down Home Ranch has helped hundreds of community groups raise money for their favorite cause for more than 15 years, largely through our horticulture products.

The Ranchers are an entrepreneurial bunch, and have decided to offer additional products to support their skill development but also provide a desirable high quality item for your next fundraiser.

What We Have to Offer


  • No upfront cost option
  • You make $10.00+ profit from each tumbler sold

Greeting Cards

  • No upfront cost
  • You make $4.00 profit from each card pack sold

Personalized Engraved Gifts

  • No upfront cost option
  • Profit will vary, can start at $5.00 per item

Learn more about how each of these products can help reach your fundraising goal.

Looking for Poinsettias? Click here to get info about horticulture products.

Tools to Help Reach Your Goals

Marketing Material

  • Traditional Fundraising Forms (flyers and order forms)
  • Banners and images that can be used for social media and emails
  • The Ranch can allow for usage of Down Home Ranch content material in marketing efforts, by creating an memorandum of understanding (MOU)

Branded Online Store

  • Online Store option
  • Removes the burden of managing paper orders and cash transactions
  • If fundraiser customers purchase additional items from Down Home Ranch; the group gets an additional 5% of the net sale
  • Allows for Down Home Ranch to sort and doorstep deliver items within a week of ordering

Have Questions? Contact Us!

Call the Ranch at 512-856-0128 option 1, email or complete the contact form below.