What happens after an interest form is filled out?

Residency and Day Program – You won't hear any update until there is an opening.  However, we will periodically ask that you update the Day Program Interest Form or Residency Interest Form.

Respite and other programs – You should receive an email or phone follow up within a few days of submitting the form. 

The usual process:

  • Contact – Email or phone contact will be made to let you know there is an opening.
  • Tour – We will set up a time for yourself or loved one to come out to see the Ranch and meet the Ranchers.
  • Paperwork – If the Ranch seems to be a good fit, we will give you an application along with a few other documents that will need to be completed.
  • Trial – After completing the tour and paperwork, a 3-14 day trial is recommended. 
  • Enrollment – Based on the trial, we will notify yourself or your loved one of acceptance.