When a vacancy occurs, the residency interest list is consulted to find potential matches for the living situation and residential option available. Ranchers living in a home play an important role in selecting the new community member.

Those interested in residency should complete the interest form, consider joining our email list, visit our website often and check out Facebook for news and upcoming events. The Residency Interest List Forms will be reviewed by a member of our staff and families will be contacted if their applicant appears to be a good match

Residency is open to applicants regardless of socioeconomic level, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or national origin.

Criteria for Residency

  • At least age 18 and finished with high school
  • ICF and HCS – Primary diagnosis of intellectual, development disability or a related condition
  • Private Pay – May have any type of cogitative disability or related condition
  • Independent with move activities of daily living
  • Able to ambulate and transfer independently with suppor
  • Does not pose a physical danger to themselves or others
  • Able to benefit from the social, educational, residential and vocational programs offered by Down Home Ranch
  • Behavioral health challenges must not impede independence

Potential Rancher Should desire

  • To benefit from life in the Down Home Ranch community
  • To contribute to the community in the residential option that is currently available
  • To live on a genuine working Texas ranch
  • To live in close proximity to friends and co-workers on the Ranch