DHR 2022 LIMITLESS Campaign

In the upcoming year, we look forward to sharing inspiring stories of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities breaking stigmas.  Stories of independence and strength.  Stories of Ranchers embracing the freedom to pursue opportunities and living life without limits.  Triumphant stories that can only be told because of the determination, dedication and passion of one remarkable man: DHR Founder, Jerry Horton.   
Jerry had a vision of creating an inclusive Ranch community that would provide love, support and endless opportunities for adults with disabilities.  He let nothing stand in his way of achieving the unthinkable and devoted his life to making his dream a reality.  Jerry’s legacy lives on at Down Home Ranch and in the thousands of people touched by his wisdom, guidance, perseverance and grace. 
To show your support of the DHR mission and to help us to continue providing a limitless lifestyle to the Ranch community, please visit downhomeranch.org/donate today!