DHR + Elgin Parks & Rec = Better Together!

Every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon Rancher Mark reports to his job as a Front Desk Clerk at the Elgin Parks and Rec Center.  Mark “enjoys work a lot,” where his responsibilities include both Reception and Janitorial tasks.  His work days include greeting and signing in Rec Center members, answering incoming calls, designing event flyers and making sure that the Rec facilities are clean and organized.  In addition to enjoying his day-to-day duties, Mark has developed a great appreciation and meaningful friendships with his co-workers, Grace and Tariq. 

Mark’s Supervisor, Elizabeth Marzec, Programs Director for Elgin Parks & Rec, expresses that “Mark has always wanted to get involved, but since returning from Covid, he has really blossomed.  Mark is willing to sit at the front desk and is confident answering the phone.  He has been communicating more and showing his creative side.  I’m really proud of him!”  Grace is also impressed by Mark’s personal growth and says he “is always willing to help with anything we need.”  Tariq enjoys working with Mark because “seeing his smile makes my day ten times better.” 

Mark has not only proven himself to be a valuable employee, he has also made a huge impact on those around him.  His “positive and upbeat attitude brings out the best in us,” expresses Tariq.  Mark has also taught Grace the importance of being “grateful for what we have and not taking those things for granted.”  “Elgin Parks and Rec is for everyone,” explains Elizabeth. “It’s nice to have this representation not only in members but also staff.  Mark completes our community!”   

Thank you, Elgin Parks and Rec for providing life-changing opportunities for the Ranchers.  Thank you also to the phenomenal staff who value and embrace the DHR community.  This special bond between Mark, Grace, Tariq and Elizabeth is a beautiful example of how we are truly better together.