Buddies for Life

Jay and Kyle have lived together in Isaiah House at Down Home Ranch since 2011. Kyle has an uncle named Jay, so the guys instantly bonded over the shared name. Living together can often come with disagreements, but Jay and Kyle feel like they are better friends because they are housemates. Together, they like to play video games, practice Bocce, compete in Frisbee Golf and watch movies. Jay and Kyle share the same sense of humor and often laugh together over inside jokes.  

Their favorite shared memory was a trip to Walmart with their previous DSP, Tom Oliver. Jay and Kyle said they sang a silly song on the drive and the song made them laugh until their bellies hurt! When talking about this memory, both Jay and Kyle were smiling ear to ear, showing that the simple things in life are what truly mean the most.😊   

Jay and Kyle feel they have an unbreakable bond.  Jay considers Kyle his longtime friend and says it makes him feel good he has a close friend to trust. Kyle thinks Jay is funny, and he loves when Jay does his infamous Jim Carey impressions. Jay and Kyle often write silly notes together and place them strategically around the house, so they can giggle at the other housemates' reactions. When asked if they will be friends forever, they both replied “YES! Forever, ever, ever, and ever!”

The Better Together campaign is aimed at sharing the beauty and strength behind the friendships made at Down Home Ranch. This campaign showcases how the mission of DHR brings people from all walks of life to stand together in community. We are stronger, we are happier, and we are better when we are together.