A Tale of Two Friends

Having a best friend means you have someone to laugh with, confide in, and tell you jokes when you are sad. A best friend listens, trusts, and believes in you. A best friend is exactly what Natalie and Alex found when they met each other.

Natalie had been a Rancher for eight years before Alex arrived for a trial visit at Down Home Ranch. Alex was visiting all the way from Pennsylvania and she was a little nervous being so far away from home. Natalie noticed that Alex was shy, so as a seasoned Rancher, she took Alex under her wing and showed her the ropes. Both girls would say they instantly became friends!

A few short weeks after Alex’s trial visit, Alex officially moved to Down Home Ranch and became Natalie’s housemate in June 2016. Natalie and Alex are still inseparable to this day. They enjoy spending time together making beaded bracelets, creating art, and playing Wii bowling.

When Alex was asked why she considers Natalie her best friend, she said because Natalie is nice to her, helps her with laundry, and she is funny. Natalie’s favorite thing about Alex is that she gives her the “giggle-pox” by laughing with her (sometimes for no reason!). They both couldn’t stop giggling when Natalie mentioned their inside joke about Reese’s candy pajama pants.

This inspiring set of best friends is just one of many at Down Home Ranch. Follow along with us this year as we tell their stories and shine the light on the beauty of having a true friend.

The Better Together campaign is aimed at sharing the beauty and strength behind the friendships made at Down Home Ranch. This campaign showcases how the mission of DHR brings people from all walks of life to stand together in community. We are stronger, we are happier, and we are better when we are together.