volunteer week appreciation

National Volunteer Week Spotlight #3

🥳 To celebrate 2020 National Volunteer Appreciation Week we are shining a light on the people that inspire us every day through their devotion to the DHR mission. Follow along to hear Peggy’s story…

Peggy began volunteering for Down Home Ranch in the summer of 2018. She uses her crafting expertise to aid the Ranchers with various projects such as sewing tote bags, embroidery, holiday decorations and more!

What motivated you to volunteer with Down Home Ranch?

🗣 There was a need for volunteers in the Enterprise program. My son began attending the DHR Day Program and it seemed like the perfect time for me to become involved.

What makes volunteering at Down Home Ranch a meaningful use of your time?

🗣 Being a part of the Ranchers’ success in their endeavors to complete projects means so much to me.

What is the biggest personal benefit that you’ve received as a volunteer?

🗣 Seeing those that I help evolve into helping others and witnessing their joy when they are successful.

What do you wish other people knew about working with individuals with disabilities?

🗣 The rewards are so fulfilling! This population is so pure in the joy of their successes, it warms and fills your soul.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering at the Ranch?

🗣 Go for it. You will not be disappointed in your choice and the use of your time.