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See Me as an Artist – Matthew

Name: Matthew
Age: 26
Rancher Since: August 2018
Favorite Hobby: Playing video games

Matthew’s love for art began as a child, but it wasn’t until his first Junior High art class that his natural talent started to shine through. When Matthew’s teacher began sending home some of his artwork, his mother became so impressed that she immediately enrolled him in an extracurricular art program in Pomona, CA. Matthew attended this program once a week until the age of 22. He spent those years learning the basic principles of art and exploring various mediums. Once he graduated High School, he began taking classes at the @1ststreetgallery where he discovered his artistic niche in acrylic painting and drawing. Matthew’s favorite pieces to create are images incorporating superheroes and geometric shapes. Since moving to Texas in 2017, Matthew has spent two days a week at the @thearcaustin exploring his artistic style and learning from the experts. He is currently working on a piece with multiple superhero villains that he hopes to sell in a gallery show one day! If you are in the Austin area, be on the lookout for this up and coming artist! 💚

The SEE ME campaign is aimed at sharing the true identities and talents of the Ranchers at Down Home Ranch. This campaign showcases the unique stories of those we serve and gives readers an inside look into their life at #DownHomeRanch.