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See Me as a Nature Lover – Austin

Name: Austin
Age: 36
Rancher Since: November 2018
Favorite Hobby: Going for walks

Hiking in Colorado, camping in Arkansas and exploring Spring Lake Park in his hometown of Texarkana, Texas were three of Austin’s favorite activities growing up. Since he was a baby, barely big enough to stand, he found the greatest joy swimming in the river and soaking up the beauty of the great outdoors. He spent countless hours from adolescence into adulthood exploring parks and observing wildlife and plants. To this day, Austin’s favorite activities revolve around embracing nature – bird watching, kayaking, gardening and horsemanship. His favored mode of transportation is walking, where he can immerse himself in the fresh air and sunshine. Austin’s passion for the outdoors stemmed from the activities he shared with his family and this still rings true today. Every time he visits his hometown, a nature walk at Bringle Lake is always required! 🌳

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