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See Me as an Outdoorsman – Cody

Name: Cody
Age: 27
Rancher Since: May 2012
Favorite Hobby: Having guys’ night with his friends where they watch movies and eat pizza

Cody’s love for the outdoors began when he was a child. He remembers swinging outside and loving the sounds of birds chirping and how the warm sunshine felt. He began hunting hogs and deer with his Dad in his adolescence, which turned into a passion of his in adulthood. Through this passion, Cody became a driving force behind the creation of the DHR Feral Hog Task Force, a weekly Day Program course led by DHR Executive Director Craig Russell. Cody goes out every Tuesday to fill the feeder, check the game camera and survey the area for hog activity. Living in Texas, feral hogs can be a detriment to the environment; therefore, Cody takes his job very seriously and strives to never miss a class! His favorite memory as an outdoorsman was seeing over 20 hogs at one time on his game camera. He couldn’t believe there were so many there at once! When asked why hunting is important, Cody states: “Hunting makes for some really good BBQ!” 🐗

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