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See Me as a Sports Fan – Gregory

Name: Gregory
Age: 34
Rancher Since: May 2017
Favorite Hobby: Hunting

The fall season brings an abundance of opportunities to cheer on your favorite sports teams and Gregory takes full advantage! After moving to Texas when he was six years old, Gregory grew up as a proud The University of Texas at Austin sports fan – the Longhorn Football team being his all-time favorite. Heisman Trophy winners Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams are Gregory’s most admired players, simply “Because they win!”

Apart from Texas Football, Gregory roots for Houston Astros, San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Stars. As a true die-hard fan, he can recite numerous facts about each team’s wins and losses, as well as their key players and mascots! The history and facts of sports are important to him, but Gregory’s passion is truly ignited when watching his favorite teams compete, especially when game days are shared alongside family and friends. With the Houston Astros fighting for the World Series title this year, Gregory smiles ear to ear as he says “Go Jose Altuve!”

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