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See Me as a Disney Fan – Chris

Name: Chris
Age: 36
Rancher Since: November 2008
Favorite Hobby: Playing Video Games

The magical world of Disney has captivated Chris’ heart since he was a child. Animated Disney movies ignited this passion many years ago, with The Little Mermaid and The Lion King as his all-time favorites. Chris loves to sing along to the soundtracks and recite famous lines from the films. When it comes to the characters, Chris enjoys both the good guys and the villains, but watching them duel is the best! When he is not watching movies or singing along to his favorite songs, Chris loves to collect memorabilia – most notable are his signature Olaf and Simba hats. 😊

One of Chris’ favorite activities is going to watch Disney musicals, such as Disney On Ice or Broadway on Tour. He has even had the opportunity to travel to Disney World in Florida (more than once!) to meet all of his favorite Disney characters in person. Chris’ dream is to go on a Disney Cruise and experience the true magic of Disney out on the open water. 🌊

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