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See Me as a Singer – Eliza

Name: Eliza
Age: 31
Rancher Since: August 2012
Favorite Hobby: Riding Horses
When Eliza was a little girl, she remembers feeling drawn to music and instinctively wanting to sing. The sounds of Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin and The Beatles filled her home growing up. The lyrics and soul of each artist provided inspiration for Eliza’s future. Her favorite memory as a singer is when she performed on stage at the @missamazinginc pageant, singing her heart out to Britney Spears. As a truly dedicated artist, Eliza practices singing any time the opportunity arises. She is active in a weekly Karaoke club and enjoys singing along to tunes while working or hanging out with friends. One of Eliza’s goals is to star in a musical at a local theatre. She hopes that her time on stage will inspire people to face their fears and achieve their dreams! 💜💚
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