The Empowering Year of 2019

Dear Friends,

If someone asked you to make a list of everything you valued in life, what would it say?

When Sam, Rancher at Down Home Ranch (DHR), was asked what he valued most in life, he listed the following:

Hard Work   –   Doing Good   –   Friends & Family   –   Playing Games   –   Keeping People Company & Helping Them

Previous to living at DHR, Sam was homeless and living on the streets, a journey well known by way too many people with disabilities. 

Sam first visited DHR back in the Fall of 2018. We were one of the many stops he made on his search to find a place to live. At the time, all Sam wanted out of life was to find a steady place to sleep at night. The day he decided to live at Down Home Ranch, Sam not only found what he was looking for, he found so much more. He found a home. He found independence. He found community.

Sam’s first days at the Ranch were mostly spent in his room, sleeping the days away and only leaving during meals. Slowly, he started coming out and spending time with others, but it was not until he obtained his golf cart license (a unique course offered at Down Home Ranch) that he really came out of his shell. You can now find Sam driving the roads at DHR, participating in many of the educational and social opportunities offered and enjoying time with friends. When he’s not out and about (which is not very often!) you will find Sam in his very own micro-house watching Netflix, tending to his pet turtles or meticulously cleaning his space.

Sam’s story is definitely unique, but at its core is a common theme for each and every one of us. You and I too are happiest when in a place that we can connect with others and thrive. We search out places and opportunities that put our values and interests into action and help us develop community around them.

As we look forward to a new year of empowering the lives of adults with disabilities, we are asking you to support our mission with a donation. Your gift will pay for the abundant social, educational, residential and vocational opportunities that are offered each and every day. Most importantly, your dollars will go towards helping people like Sam attain the values most important to them.

Thank you,
Craig Russell, Executive Director

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