family man

See Me as a Family Man – Austin

Name: Austin
Age: 27
Rancher Since: June 2011
Favorite Hobby: Listening to Music

For Austin, having a strong bond with his family is what truly defines him. Even as his hobbies changed through the years, his desire to be close to his family remained the same. One of his favorite ways of bonding with his Dad is participating in Special Olympics Texas Unified Power Lifting together. They have competed side by side for the past nine years! Austin loves this activity because he gets to try something new and challenging with his Dad.

When he’s not competing, Austin finds joy in making memories in the kitchen with his mom. He loves helping prepare dinner, sharing laughs and trying out new foods with everyone at home. After every dinner, Austin picks out matching pajamas, one for him and one for his step-dad, relishing in the shared patterns and prints. Austin’s love for his family is endless. Every day, he carries around multiple copies of family photos, keeping those he loves close to him at all times.

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