independent micro home

See Me as Independent – Mark

Name: Mark
Age: 47
Rancher Since: February 2019
Favorite Hobby: Playing Video Games

The dream of having a home you can call your own is shared by people all over the world. On Thursday, this lifelong dream finally came true for Mark. For the past two months, Mark has been patiently awaiting the arrival of his very own micro home. Every day he would inquire about his new home, giggling with joy when talking about all of the plans he has for it. 🏡

Being a true independent soul, Mark is most looking forward to having his own uninterrupted space where he can choose to be alone or have company, a luxury you can’t experience with roommates. Mark has big plans for his space, stating he wants to “take care of it, keep it clean, keep the dishes washed and make dinner every night!” His new space also provides a personal parking spot and plenty of space to take care of his red-eared slider turtles. Planning ahead, he has even invited a few friends over for morning coffee! ☕️ While he has always considered himself an independent soul, this new life accomplishment truly brings it all home. When asked how getting his very own micro home makes him feel, with a joyful grin on his face, he replied “It makes me feel GOOD!” 💙

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