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See Me as a Leader – Alaina

Name: Alaina
Age: 30
Rancher Since: December 2010
Favorite Hobby: Going to the movies with friends
“I enjoy serving as Mayor so that I can be the voice of the people.” Alaina served as Mayor for the DHR Village Council from January 2018 to January 2019. Village Council is a weekly opportunity for Ranchers to work together to identify and resolve issues in their community. Alaina’s primary jobs as Mayor were to lead the meetings and serve as the voice of her fellow Ranchers when presenting ideas to the DHR Leadership Team. She also was responsible for overseeing votes when issues arise and speaking on behalf of her community. In order to be elected as Mayor, Alaina gave a speech in front Ranchers and staff. A voting process occurred and she was elected by popular vote. When asked if she always wanted to be a leader, she replied, “Why yes! It makes me feel good to help fix other people’s problems.” The advice she would give to anyone wanting to run for office would be to always have an open heart and a listening ear. ❤️👂
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