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See Me as a Beekeeper – Ryan

Name: Ryan
Age: 30
Rancher Since: July 2018
Favorite Hobby: Exploring the Outdoors
Ryan was introduced to beekeeping at the 2016 Iowa State Fair. After hearing the beekeeper speak about the magnificent creatures that bees are, Ryan became convinced that beekeeping was his calling! As soon as he returned home to Texas, Ryan and his father began building seven wooden Langstroth Beehives, which would soon house their happy honey bee colonies. 🐝
While waiting for his bees to arrive in the mail, Ryan attended beekeeping courses all over Texas and even joined the Williamson County Beekeepers Association. He was so excited to learn about his new favorite hobby, but once his bees arrived, he knew the true fun had just began! Ryan spends his time tending to the hives with the upmost care and concern. He regularly checks their water and inspects for invasive beetles, mites or moths, but his favorite part of beekeeping is pulling the honey! Ryan is very proud of the honey his bees produce and he even has developed his own brand, Potts-O-Honey, to adorn each bottle. After all of the hard work he puts in, Ryan says the sweetest part of beekeeping is sharing the honey with his friends and family. 💛🧡
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