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See Me as an Athlete – Kevin

Name: Kevin
Age: 42
Rancher Since: November 2018
Favorite Hobby: Wrestling Video Games

Being a Special Olympics Athlete is a source of pride for millions of individuals all over the world. For Kevin, he considers it a lifestyle.

Growing up, Kevin showed a desire to play sports at a young age. At just seven years old, he officially became a Special Olympics Texas Athlete, playing soccer and competing in swimming with his teammates near Houston. One of his most memorable feats was fearlessly diving off the high-dive! 😲 Over the next ten years, Kevin spent time learning the ins and outs of golf, basketball, weightlifting and baseball. After he turned 17, Kevin and his family moved to Colorado and added skiing and equestrian to his repertoire. ⚽️🏊‍♂️⛳️🏀🏋️‍♂️⚾️⛷🏇 Being an athlete means so much more to Kevin than simply playing sports. Socializing and sharing laughs with fellow teammates and friends brings him great joy. When asked what sport he considers his favorite, he boldly proclaimed it is weightlifting because he feels strong and ready to conquer the world! 💪

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