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See Me as an Elginite – Sterling

Name: Sterling
Age: 33
Rancher Since: December 2008
Favorite Hobby: Drawing

Sterling is a born and raised 4th generation Elginite. He graduated from Elgin High School (Texas) and proudly represents his Wildcats any chance he gets. His favorite class in High School was Athletics where he competed in various Track & Field sports. When asked what his favorite thing was growing up in Elgin, he stated “Watching Friday night football games with my friends and eating BBQ!” The charm of Elgin is that it is a small town with a big heart. Everyone knows each other and makes sure their fellow Elginites are taken care of, Sterling included. In High School Sterling worked in a daycare. Living in such a small town, Sterling gets the opportunity to still see some of the kids he watched hanging out around town or at local festivals. “I love living in a small town where everyone knows me!”💜

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