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See Me as a Seamstress – Terry

Name: Terry
Age: 68
Rancher Since: September 2007
Favorite Hobby: Sewing

Every Wednesday you can find Terry at the sewing machine in the DHR Enterprise room, crafting her next masterpiece. Terry’s passion for needlework was ignited in 2018 when she began sewing under the direction of two longtime seamstresses. After a bit of trial and error, Terry found her favorite project to sew were potholders! When asked why she chose potholders, Terry said because they are something people will use often and when they do, they will think of her! Through her time spent learning this trade, Terry has found that needlework is incredibly therapeutic to her. She expressed, “When I’m sad or upset, sewing relaxes me.” Her favorite part is that she learns something new with every piece she creates. As hurdles come up, Terry says “I know I can do it! Sometimes I make a mistake, but I can always go fix it!” Her determination and confidence has been known to inspire other Ranchers to never give up!

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