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See Me as a Mavs Fan – Mark

Name: Mark
Age: 36
Rancher Since: November 2008
Favorite Hobby: Coloring

Growing up in the Dallas suburb of Coppell, TX, Mark was well known as a devoted sports fan. Even today, his favorite team stickers adorn the bumpers of his golf cart and other sports memorabilia covers the walls of his room. Through all of the years, his true allegiance has never wavered. The Dallas Mavericks are his team! Mark says he was born a Dallas Mavericks fan. He remembers as a child watching games on TV and being mesmerized by the players and how well they worked as a team. Seeing the players make layups and slam-dunks are the highlight of the game for him. His Maverick love even led Mark to play intramural basketball in his adolescence and pushed him to seek out a job at the Elgin Rec Center, where he currently works two days a week. He loves shooting hoops after his shift and will play a scrimmage any chance he gets! 🏀
One of Mark’s most memorable Mav’s experiences was going to a meet and greet with the players and coaches where he was able to meet his all-time favorite player, Dirk Nowitzki. Mark’s dream is to one day play a game of basketball with Dirk. So, what do you say, Dirk? 😎

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