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See Me as a Foodie – Alex

Name: Alex
Age: 30
Rancher Since: June 2016
Favorite Hobby: Basketball

In the words of her mother, food is Alex’s love language. Sharing the experience of preparing, serving and eating food is her way of connecting with others. Growing up in a big Italian family, many of her most treasured memories were made in the kitchen or around the dinner table. One of Alex’s favorite hobbies as a child was baking bread with her mom, grandmother and great-grandmother. 🍞 After they finished baking the bread, they would deliver it warm and fresh to their neighbors as a special way of saying hello. When Alex was 16, she started a job working at the local family-owned grocery store in Hershey, PA. She spent five years working in the deli prepping food, wrapping sandwiches and washing dishes. Her passion for food led her to take a course in the Culinary Arts department at the @awbeattiecareercenter, where she received a certificate in food preparation. Shortly after receiving her certification, Alex, and her love for all things food, moved to Texas. From Pennsylvania to the Lone Star State, friends and family will attest to the joy that Alex gets out of sharing a food experience with others. When asked what is her favorite part about sharing food with others, she replied “Pizza and friends!” 🍕

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