see me as an animal lover

See Me as an Animal Lover – Neil

Aimed at sharing the true identities and talents of the Ranchers at DHR, the SEE ME campaign showcases the unique stories of those we serve and gives readers an inside look into their life at Down Home Ranch. Follow along as we tell you the story of  Neil…  

Name: Neil
Age: 41
Rancher Since: August 2016
Favorite Hobby: Bowling

No matter if they have furry paws, colorful feathers or scaly fins, Neil is fascinated by the uniqueness of animals. Growing up, Neil always had a special place in his heart for animals and when he was 30 years old he landed a job at a dog grooming salon. Working there, he learned proper leash walking techniques and how to bathe dogs. A few years later, Neil began volunteering at the Flamingo Gardens in Davie, FL where he spent almost three years serving all sorts of animals including bears, alligators and otters! 🐾