see me as a ranch hand

See Me as a Ranch Hand – Jackson “King”

Aimed at sharing the true identities and talents of the Ranchers at DHR, the SEE ME campaign showcases the unique stories of those we serve and gives readers an inside look into their life at Down Home Ranch. Follow along as we tell you the story of  King…

Name: Jackson “King”
Age: 32
Rancher Since: January 2013
Favorite Hobby: Bowling

Growing up in rural Coleman, TX, King is no stranger to the hard work and long hours that come with living on a cattle ranch. Much of what he knows, King learned from his mother who is still an avid rancher to this day. When it comes to cattle, King can tell you anything you want to know! He is able to sort them by age and gender, spot injuries or illness and can tell if one of the herd is missing. Helping to wean the calves and separate them from the herd is his specialty – which is not an easy job to do! As a Ranch Hand, King feeds the cattle daily, but also helps with mending fences, clearing land, giving vaccinations and branding. King’s favorite part about being a Ranch Hand is herding the cattle in his Kawasaki Mule ATV. He gets a rush of excitement watching them run around as he successfully moves them to new pastures. When asked what advice he would give to someone who wants to become a Ranch Hand he proudly said, “Just watch me, I know how!”