see me as an animal caretaker

See Me as an Animal Caretaker – Travis

Aimed at sharing the true identities and talents of the Ranchers at DHR, the SEE ME campaign showcases the unique stories of those we serve and gives readers an inside look into their life at Down Home Ranch. Follow along as we tell you the story of Travis… 

Name: Travis
Age: 32
Rancher Since: December 2008
Favorite Hobby: Feeding the Cows

Travis’ love for farm animals began as a child, helping his grandfather tend to cattle. Through the years, he dreamed of one day working with livestock and after moving to Down Home Ranch eleven years ago, that dream came true!

Four days out of the week, you will find Travis tending to the chickens, mini ponies, horses, donkeys, cows and longhorns. He refills hay and water, scoops pens, collects chicken eggs, checks fence lines, and has even been known to catch a stray chicken or two. While Travis doesn’t have a favorite animal on the ranch, his favorite job duty is collecting chicken eggs because it is always a surprise of what you will find! For those of you who are nervous around farm animals, Travis says “I get scared too when they get wild, but they are nice and don’t want to hurt you.” Travis’ dream now is to work with animals for many years to come!