see me as a connoisseur

See Me as a Connoisseur – Alan

Aimed at sharing the true identities and talents of the Ranchers at DHR, the SEE ME campaign showcases the unique stories of those we serve and gives readers an inside look into their life at Down Home Ranch. Follow along as we tell you the story of Alan…

Name: Alan
Age: 53
Rancher Since: December 2008
Favorite Hobby: Watching Movies

Alan is widely known around Down Home Ranch as a connoisseur of film. With over 100 and counting, Alan holds his remarkable movie collection very dear. You will often find him striking up a conversation about films he has seen, going into great depths to explain the synopsis.

Watching movies and television shows has been a favorite pastime of Alan’s since he was a child, with Leave it to Beaver rising to the top of his all time favorites. When asked why, he responded “Because everyone would eat meals together and ask how everyone was doing. Nobody does that anymore.” Playing on that same sentiment, old Western movies and ‘50-60’s TV shows like Dukes of Hazzard or Cosby are Alan’s top areas of expertise. (He would make a top notch trivia partner!) These genres are most relaxing to Alan and make him laugh. He is able to connect with the characters and that makes him feel good.

When asked what the best gift anyone could ever give him was, Alan said it would be a trip to the movie theater with his sister Suzanne. He has to stay current of course!