5:00 PM on a Tuesday

I decided to take Jenny the pup outside for a little stroll as the Ranchers were leaving work at 5:00.  Neighbor Tom, Isaiah House RA, was in the front yard ready to greet his guys when they arrived.  We chatted for only a few minutes and then here came the onslaught of adult trikes and bicycles hurtling down the Village road.

“Woo-hoo!” Kyle yelled as he bore down upon us.  Tom H. and Sterling weren't far behind.  We talked about this and that and Jenny and I proceeded up the trail.

I saw the Timbercrest ladies loading up to return to their home in Taylor, and went over to say goodbye.  Terry brought me up to date on her mom's health, and I headed back on down the road.

Passing Gabriel House, Mark came jogging out the front door and onto the road.  “Hi, Judy,” he called as he sped on by. 

I came to Martha House just in time to see six spiffed up gals coming out of the house dressed up to go to dinner at the Olive Garden in Round Rock to celebrate Alaina's birthday.  Nothing like dinner at Olive Garden to ensure that they move out of their work clothes quickly into something more presentable!

Passing Barnabas, Zach moseyed out to say hello and give Jenny a scratch.  Andrew proudly showed me the flowers blooming in his tiny garden.

Rounding the bend toward home, Mark passed me again as I saw the Isaiah House guys already coming out to practice for their next flag football competition.

Though it was only about 5:20 or so, the sun was already low, and the Village lights blinked on.  Jenny did her business after attacking and defeating a few windblown leaves, and we came in the house to finish making supper–a delicious smelling pot roast from the first beef we'd raised from our Angus-Wagyu herd.

And Jenny loved the bone.