Feeling thankful for the US on the 4th of July

Yes, I know we have a day set aside in November for this, but then I'm thinking mostly about the turkey and pie.

Today I'm thinking about the privilege of having been born in this country.  I remember being a kid of about ten and learning about WWII and Japanese and German concentration camps, of the slaughter of Chinese and the obliteration of Jews, of why my father and uncles disappeared during my early childhood.

I learned about starving children in China and was exhorted to remember them and clean my plate for years (for all the good it did the starving children…)

I remember thinking, “Thank God I was born in America.”

For all her faults, this country is a place teeming with the spirit of generosity and loving kindness, a place where people were quick to help build Down Home Ranch and provide a home and a chance at a big life for people with intellectual disabilities.

Happy birthday, USA.  We love you.