Is it too hot, am I too old, or both?

Flies are big at Down Home Ranch

Probably both.

As mentioned on Monday, I'm helping out with the Barn Team this week.

I woke up very early this morning, and came down to feed the horses at 7:30.  Mr. Lobo was hard at work in the Community Gardens.  He shows up for work at 6:30, to get as many hours in during the cool of the morning as he can.  The tomato bushes look frightful, but they've put out a thousand blooms, so looks like we'll be back in the tomato business again soon.  True love and homegrown tomatoes!  Only two things that money can't buy, as the song goes.

Mr. Lobo showing off his work

(I wonder what it means that the three 70-year olds (me, Jerry, and Mr. Lobo) are up and working before the young pups have cracked an eyelid?)

The heat rages unabated.  In the barn, we do physical work until about 10:00 and then we've been cleaning tack in the Learning Center, but today Brian had 500 baby poinsettias (“points” for short) to plant.

The farriar came this morning and trimmed up the hooves of our three donkeys, six mini-horses, and three standards.  It took quite a while, but all we really needed to do was feed, water, hay, and transfer critters from one enclosure to the next.  Travis is really good at that!

Oh, I just remembered! Peggy Sue needs feeding and I forgot her.  Oh dear.  Back out I go in the heat.

Peggy Sue is not amused at being forgotten

At 9:30 we reported to the warehouse to fill pots, plant pots, water pots and move pots, and I worked til almost 11:00 but then had to quit or face a sinking spell.  It's right warmish in there, even with the fan.

(Speaking of sinking spells, we had a staff member a few years ago who came rushing into the main office wanting to call 911.  They asked her why and she said, “So-and-so says she's having a sinking spell!“)

Sounded pretty bad to a Yankee, I guess.  We explained.

A strawberry smoothie and some peanuts fixed me up.  I returned to the working end of the Ranch and Travis and I transferred Magic and Pete (Travis' favorite equine) to the pasture.  I do believe I'll go rob the hens of a few eggs after I feed Peggy Sue and head home and put my feet up for a spell.

And that's Friday, August 12, 2011, at Down Home Ranch.