Snakes in the Chicken Hilton!

Mr. Pat shows Michael the proper way to hold a snake

I missed it this morning, but there was quite a ruckus.  A snake was discovered in the Chicken Hilton when Lori and the team showed up. 

Said snake was, ironically, snuggled up right against the cannister of snake repellent.

It was a medium-size snake (although it grew impressively in the telling). 

Lori sent for Mr. Pat, not a friend to snakes, and he showed Michael how to hold it. 

When I heard about all the excitement I hurried to the coops to see what was going on.  Michael was so excited he could hardly speak.

Michael bravely holds the perp

 “I did it, Judy!  I held the snake and it was still ALIVE!” he finally blurted out.

We don't know if it was an egg snake or a chicken snake, and couldn't figure out how it got inside, as it did seem far too large to get through the few warped areas where the nesting box doors were warped. 

In any case, nobody was missing, and the snake had no tell-tale lumps.

Just another adventurous day at Down Home Ranch.