Happy birthday to me from Mike

I suspect that when the kids go back to school in September each year, the folks go back to something else.  That must explain why there are so many May birthdays!

It's true in my family (eight out of 15 of us) and also on the Ranch.  Seems every other day we're celebrating either a staff or Rancher birthday these days.

So I was a little surprised yesterday, which was my birthday, when someone knocked on the door at 7:00 PM, just as we were finishing supper. 

I opened the door and there was Mike, all alone and grinning from ear to ear.

“Happy Birthday, Judy,” he said, and then sang the “Happy Birthday” song to me.

“Thank you so much, Mike!” I exclaimed. 

“You are very welcome,” he said, waggling a finger at me.  “See you later.”

And I was one happy, newly-minted 69-year old.