The Birthday Woman’s Weekend

When she turned 21 Kelly informed me she was no longer the birthday girl but the “birthday woman.”

So, last Saturday was the birthday woman's 26th birthday.

Incredibly, she did not spend it with the boyfriend.  He very much wanted to go to the A&M game with most of the rest of the Ranch, and she very much did NOT wish to stand up in a stadium for three hours at a football game, even if you do get to kiss every time the Aggies score a touchdown.

Instead, they celebrated together at our small Ranch party for Kelly Friday evening, and on Saturday Kelly, her buddy Alaina (who also lives in Martha House) and I went into Austin to catch a matinee at the Alamo Drafthouse, where you get to eat lunch as you watch the movie (could heaven be better?).  After that we lounged around the condo for a few hours and then met the family at the Macaroni Grill for dinner.

Sister Martha was pumped because she'd found the next-best-thing to a Barbie wedding planner book!  (If Mattel hasn't come out with one yet for Barbie and Ken they're missing a sure bet.)

I got her a new outfit and Dad made up some family pictures for her room.  She got some gift cards, some nifty magazines from Sister Janny, and there's more in the works we hear.

At one point Kelly seemed to experience an acute DVD deficit on the gift front, and when she made her feelings known, I made mine known right back at her and she got quickly back on track.

Later that evening she and Alaina chatted and laughed until long after I went to bed.  It occured to me that this girls' weekend out was just the thing and something she doesn't get to do nearly enough.

Kelly and Alaina share so much through the Ranch.  They have friends in common, experiences they've shared together, boyfriends who are best buds, and more to come.

When I woke up early to make breakfast Sunday morning, however, there was Alaina on the living room couch.  She was snoozing away so I let her be, but when she waked up and I asked her why she'd come out there she said, “The noise!”

“Were our neighbors noisy last night?” I asked, although they almost never are.

“No, you guys were snoring!” she laughed.

Alas, we probably were, but still it's a shock to learn you can hear it through two closed doors!. 

I fed the girls and headed off for choir practice.  I winked at them as I processed up the aisle, and later we all met for lunch.

On the way back to the Ranch I talked to Kelly about writing her thank you notes first thing upon getting home.  Still a mite chastized from the night before, she readily agreed, and when we got home I supplied her with cards and addresses and Ashley, the weekend RA, promised to make sure they got done.

As Alaina went towards her room, she turned and said, “Judy, you have a wonderful family.  Thanks so much for inviting me!”

The privilege was all mine.