Touched by many angels

Well, so yesterday's Itunes adventure ended in frustration, with me unable at the last minute to get the new song recorded for practice with the chorus.

But sometimes things work out not as we want them to, but mysteriously much, much better.

Kelly, Sterling & Kara sing

The song in question is known variously as The 151st Psalm or alternatively Testify to Love.  We know it because it was sung by Wynonna Judd on an episode of Touched by an Angel, a series much loved by our Ranchers and staff.

I was over at Martha House Sunday night and Anita said we should learn that song for Bible class.  I thought so, too, and wanted to get a jump up on it by introducing it Monday for chorus, but we know where that plan led.

So after I worked on the web site today I took a few minutes to see if I could manage to get the song onto a disc.  Marci had some spare blanks, so I ran down to pick a couple up and sure enough, five minutes later I had my song.

I called Anita and she said come on down, so I showed up for Bible study this afternoon in the Pavilion.

There were several people there already but more kept filtering in until a majority of the Ranchers were present.  Anita read the lesson for the day, which had to do with faithfulness in small things.

Alan shows Anita his family photo

 Alan showed up a little late, eager to show us a picture of his family taken when Alan was a little boy.  We could see Alan in his dad Jim, who died this week, and he was happy when we told him so.

We discussed the Bible lesson for a while and then put on the song.

Most of the residents were familiar with it and began singing right away.  A few Ranchers stood up and began signing the words.  Soon another few went over and picked up the prayer flags and began to wave them to the music.

Nothing would do when it was over but to play it again.  It was a joyful experience.

Rebekah with prayer flags

 People gathered together at the end of the song for the closing prayer time.  We prayed for Ranchers who'd been sick or had bumps and scrapes, for Alan's family, and as Sterling put it, for “Judy's new eyeball.”  (I had cataract surgery a few weeks ago.)

And I knew that song had been meant all along right for today at 2:45 PM, and not a moment before.