That’s My Room!

“That’s mine!”

Saturday morning the excitement of Sterling, Kyle, and John finally drowned out the shouts and calls of the work crews managing the pour for the new house on the block—Isaiah House, where the four guys from Joseph House will move when it’s completed.

They weren’t the only ones excited. Jerry parked himself at the gate early to make sure it would be open for the big concrete trucks to start rumbling through starting at about 8:00 o’clock.

The huge boom arched over the pad like a scorpion to deliver the wet mud. Workers pushed and pulled and smoothed and finished. Our three guys scratched their names in a tiny corner, pointing out to Calvin, their weekend staff buddy, where he would stay when the house was finished.

These guys have been living at Joseph House, on the south Spur part of the Ranch, and have long expressed their desire to live in the Village with everybody else. They’ve feel especially cut off this winter, with the sun going down almost as soon as they get off work. Even on the weekends they’ve had to ask someone to drive them over if they want to visit someone in the Village because of our seemingly endless rain.

So they are pumped at this great beginning! They’re ready to move tomorrow, but we must complete a long journey before Isaiah House is ready for move-in—electrical, plumbing, framing, interior walls, dry wall, windows, doors, finish work, painting, carpet, appliances, and so much more.

But…well begun is half done, as they say, and we’re on our way.