Day on the Beach

Well, we all survived our first day at sea, and none of the residents got seasick, though a few staff members did.  Woke up this morning with the ship docking at Cozumel, and off we went for our day on the beach.

Weather perfect: mid 80s, clear skies, gentle breeze.

We arrived at the beautiful beach about 10:30 and spent half an hour and about $234 in sunscreen getting ready for our exciting day.  Mostly exciting for the staff, trying to track 17 souls heading off in various directions, some of which included deep water.

Casey and Marci, our fearless lifeguards, were stationed at the ready.  Sandy made sure everyone who wanted to go out on a kayak or a paddleboat got to do so.  John and the guys jumped happily upon the floating trampoline.  All in the azure waters of the Caribbean in this locale.

Several elected to get fake tatoos, pictures with large macaws and godzilla-like lizards.

Back at the dining room, glowing pink and dressed in our cowboy finery, we definitely made the most noise in honor of our wait staff.  We do NOT lack for enthusiasm.

The Ranchers are mostly off for karaoke followed by the deck party dance afterwards.  I am ready for bed.  I plan to get up at 1:00 AM to see the full moon over the Caribbean. 

Maybe, anyway.

Tomorrow we hold our own Sunday service in the Neon Bar.  Should be interesting.  Hasta manana y que suenen con los angelitos!