We were jolly by golly

Jason, Kara, Gigi, Mike and Valerie made it happen!

 Last night we had our annual Christmas dinner and secret Santa party.  Gig and the foodies outdid themselves, as usual, and Southside Market kicked in and smoked three yummy turkeys for us.

And a first!  The Christmas ham came from Eenie, Meenie, or Miney–our three lady pigs who were raised on the finest slops ever presented to Swinekind right here on the Ranch.

There was no contest for cutest person at the party
but Gracie Hall would have won it for sure!

 Several Ranchers' families attended, and pretty much all the staff.  The food was great, the company equally so, and God blessed us every one.

The Gabriel House guys, plus Ashley (who just had to get in on the act)
Matt, Mike, Mark, “AA”, and Chris