Come Ye Thankful People, Come

Annette, Scott, Natalie, Rebekah, Kelly, Sterling, Anita & Elizabeth at Thanksgiving Dinner

And they did!

Those that didn't missed an awesome feast last Thursday, as we held our annual Thanksgiving community dinner at the Ranch and made it the first of what I hope is an annual appreciation dinner for our staff.

Mike & Kara fill relish cups as Gig looks on

 Miss Gigi in the kitchen was helped throughout the day by various members of her family, not to mention the Foodies group.  By the time dinner was ready to be served, the party had already begun in the kitchen!

Jason, Robin, Ashley, Gig, CJ, and Jeff show how much fun you can have in a hairnet!

After dinner we presented thank you letters to staff members in attendance.  Ranchers roared in appreciation.  Where else can you feel like you just won Homecoming King or Queen!?

CJ just passed her two-year anniversary working at the Ranch
Thanks to all who made it happen–Miss Gigi, the Foodies (Kara, Jason, Valerie, and Mike) ably assisted by Jeff and Kelly (Gigi's son and daughter), Robin, Ashley from Michigan, and CJ.  We all enjoyed the dinner a lot, the fellowship even more, and did it all over the next day for lunch!

Our warmest wishes for a Thanksgiving filled with love for each and every one of our readers, too.