Mchael’s retirement plans

Michael enjoys the drum circle

This morning when I showed up at the Pavilion for staff meeting, I saw Michael in the hallway.

“So, Michael,” I said.  “Are you ready to turn 40?”  (This will happen on the 10th of November.)

“Yeah,” he replied,  “Sorta,” looking a little downcast.

Then he brightened and said, “When I'm 100 years old I'm gonna sit in a chair on the lawn and watch all you guys working.”

I didn't mention that–speaking strictly for my part in this scenario–that is unlikely to happen.

Michael turning 40 is a big deal indeed, because Michael (after Kelly, who came with the deal) is the Ranch's #1 Rancher, having moved in November 1 of 2001.

And before that, Michael was one of the very first campers to arrive in 1995.  We have videos of Michael dressed in a prom gown (the last costume available during drama class), with Dixie cups inserted in strategic anatomical places which guys don't usually fill out.

In fact, when it came time to introduce himself, he decided “Dixie Cups” was the name of his character.

Michael is a born comedian.  He can speak faux Chinese and sing opera in Italian.  He is greatly gifted musically.  I recall driving home after chorus in Austin late one evening.   Kelly and Daniel had dozed off and I had “Blue Monday” on KUT playing on the radio.  During a station break Michael pipes up in the back seat, “I got those greenhouse blues, oh ye-es I do.  I got those greenhouse blues, oh ye-es I do.  If I don' get outta that greenhouse, don't know what I will do.” 

In perfect blues cadence and style.

What a guy.