Home at last

Neighbors at last, Sterling & Jerry walk over to Isaiah House

It's finally happening.  The guys are spending their first night in Isaiah House!

Right now it looks a bit like a scene out of a reality show about hoarders.  Joseph House is cleaned out of stuff, but Isaiah has a ways to go to make the house a home. 

Travis' dad Tony works on the TV

Sterling's room is pretty well done, and Travis' mom and dad came up yesterday to install him in his, but John and Kyle's, well…let's just say they'll need some help establishing priorities.

But Sterling is so glad to have his house buddies, he came over and grabbed us after dinner to come and see.

These guys have been so patient, for so long, and they are very happy to be in the Village.

Meanwhile, at Joseph House, four guys new to the Ranch will be settling in, and yet another dream will come true at Down Home Ranch.