Just friends

Michael two Gamm boys at Cabela's

The Gamm family has long been good friends and neighbors of Down Home Ranch.  Both Jeff and Kristie volunteer a lot, and even work occasionally as weekend house managers, and as the kids grow older each so far has found a niche volunteering or working for Ranch Camp.

But best of all, the Gamms love our Ranchers, and take the time to get to know them, and then invite them over for the weekend every now and then.

What's the big deal on that?  Mainly that people with disabilities don't get to interact much with anybody who isn't related or paid to do it.  It's a special treat indeed when folks just have you over because they like you and want to hang out with you for a while.

Saturday Michael was invited over to the Gamms to spend the day target shooting, followed by a trip to Cabela's.  All week leading up to the weekend he talked about things they planned to do, and today he hit the barn jabbering away and showing off a small (but visible!) bump on his forehead from a recoil.  I had to shoo him off to get to work!

Michael's a happy camper with buddy Jeff

Here are Jeff's comments on the day:

The day started off with Biscuits and sausage Gravy.  Then headed to the back where Michael proceeded to consistently hit the Metal Ram with the AR15 pistol.  He really liked that gun as I can convert it to a 22 long rifle and makes it fun to shoot.  Then it was off to the next best place this side of heaven, Cabela's where he and the boys took out more targets in the shooting gallery and enjoyed the usual Cabela's fun of aquarium, taxidermy and lots of guns n stuff.  It was a blast to be with my friend while the air was filled with the smell of powder and the sound of bullets hitting the steel ram target.
Aiming the AR15

Really, truly, we are blessed.